The Story of the Human Body

Why We’re Living Longer but Getting Sicker

Most of us don’t sit around thinking about the human body’s evolution. And that’s a main reason we’re living longer but suffering ill health along the way. At least that’s the reason outlined by Harvard University evolutionary professor Daniel Lieberman, who puts it all on the table in his book The Story of the Human Body. He outlines how modern man typically mistakes comfort for well-being, and many of the things that make us comfortable are also eroding our health.

Pilates Alleviates Common Injuries Suffered by Musicians

A career as a classical musician comes with many rewards, but optimum physical health is generally not one of them. For example, surveys of symphony members found between 64% and 76% suffer from complaints of the arms, neck, and/or shoulders. Repetitive motions, awkward positions, and excessive force, can all lead to pain and injury, which can hinder performance and potentially cripple or destroy a musician’s livelihood and quality of life.