The Curse of Creep: What It Does to Your Body and How to Combat It

The word “creep” already has a negative connotation in various settings, and the anatomical definition of creep can be just as ugly. Creep refers to the progressive deformation of bodily structures which occurs when the structures are under a constant load they were not designed to handle.

How Trigger Points Can Torture Your Body

If you have a painful knot or taut band in a particular muscle, you may be suffering from the all-too-common myofascial trigger point. Active trigger points are the consistently painful ones, while latent trigger points are those that only cause pain when you apply pressure to them. Both types can lead to more severe issues down the line, although you can take action to help halt their development or eliminate them.

What an Infrared Sauna Can do for You

Chronic pain, muscle stiffness, numerous health conditions and even certain cancers may benefit from immersing yourself in a sauna. But not just any sauna will do. Opt for an infrared sauna which can help your body flourish and thrive. Even if you’re not necessarily suffering from a specific condition or pain, infrared sauna use can benefit your body by reducing stiffness and inflexibility when used in conjunction with a fitness program.