You have the power to transform your body and your life. What could you do if you felt fearless and limitless? What could you achieve with strength, passion, balance, and resilience? It’s time to find out.

No matter what your starting point, you can build a stronger foundation. With individualized movement instruction, and a fully equipped studio, you can reach your goals in a supportive and positive environment.

Individualized Sessions

Private sessions are 50 minutes each and are individually tailored to specific needs with defined goals. These sessions are best suited for clients who prefer privacy or have needs that cannot be addressed in a group setting.

Cancer Clients

Foundation Pilates offers programs designed for those cancer patients whose cancer treatments cause a variety of quality-of-life impairments such as balance issues, weakness and limitation of motion issues. Special attention is paid to preventing post-treatment impairment. 

Pink Ribbon Program

Created specifically for breast cancer patients, this program is designed to help stretch and strengthen shoulders, chest, back, and abdominal muscles, allowing individuals to regain strength and range of motion to those areas affected by breast cancer surgery and treatment. 

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